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According to statistics, the cup is considered the most popular dishware - both as the most necessary item in the household and as the best gift option. We offer wholesale ceramic cups from Ukrainian manufacturers - in a wide range and at great prices. All mugs and cups are made of white ceramic clay and have been fired at high temperatures. Such dishes will serve for a long time in the home kitchen or in the cafe hall. It is easy to clean automatically and manually with any cleaning soaps and abrasives, suitable for heating drinks in the microwave. We offer to buy popular cups for coffee and tea from 100 to 500 ml of various shapes and designs. These Ukrainian cups and mugs are produced in the Donbass, Slavic dishes are known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. Several technologies for the manufacture of cups and mugs are used:

  • Stamped ceramic cups and mugs. They are made on special molding machines by pressing - a cup of the desired shape is squeezed out of a piece of clay of a selected size. The second way - the product is formed by rolling out a clay ball of strictly measured weight on a metal blank in the shape of a glass at great speed. The handle is made separately and glued to the raw workpiece with a special compound. The future cup is dried and carefully painted with colored firing pigments. Plant or geometric ornaments are applied, decorative layering along the edge, printed decals are glued. The cups are covered with a vitreous waterproof glaze. The dishes undergo two firings at temperatures up to 1240 ° C, becoming durable, and paints - resistant to abrasion.
  • Ceramic cups and mugs, completely handcrafted using traditional technology. Clay components, diluted with water to the consistency of liquid sour cream, are poured into special gypsum ingots in the form of a cup, gypsum absorbs moisture and forms an impression on the walls. The resulting casts are carefully separated from the mold and the seams are cleaned. This method is much less productive, but the dishes are obtained in a more complex fantasy shape, with a three-dimensional bas-relief pattern along the outer field. The further stages of firing and drying do not differ. In this way, beautiful porcelain cups for services or Ukrainian clay cups in the national style are made.

Our trading company offers to wholesale from a warehouse in Kiev ceramic cups and mugs with a pattern, decal or colored glaze. It is easy to make a choice on the pages of the catalog, delivery is available in Kiev and regions.