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Cutting boards

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House Decora offers to wholesale wooden cutting boards from the masters of Transcarpathia and Bukovina. An interesting expanding assortment and favorable prices are the basis on which we build long-term cooperation with large and small wholesale buyers. The offer of wooden cutting boards and other wooden kitchen utensils at Dom Decora is constantly increasing. You can buy wholesale and small wholesale cutting boards of different sizes, shapes and purposes from us. These are round pizza boards, small cutting boards, cutting boards for meat and fish, wooden boards in the form of an apple, pear, table setting sheet, sets of cutting boards on stands. A wooden kitchen cutting board is a sought-after item in kitchenware, gift, and home goods stores. They are also actively purchased by shops of goods for creativity and needlework. Painting on a wooden board, decoupage of cutting boards is a very popular hobby today. For design studios, art workshops, decorators who can wholesale wooden cutting boards in the Decor House in Kiev, decorating and painting boards is a profitable business. Cafes, pizzerias and restaurants buy pizza boards, wooden boards for table setting, kitchen cutting boards in bulk at Dom Decora.

How high-quality wooden cutting boards are made?

The service life of a cutting board depends on the type of wood and manufacturing technology. In the House of Decor we sell boards of local craftsmen made of beech, oak and acacia. Beech is a hard durable wood, but with high hygroscopicity, i.e. ability to absorb moisture. These boards are ideal for cutting bread or dry foods. They are praised by decorators - they are convenient for painting with acrylic paints, the varnish lies evenly on the surface. Acacia is a dense hardwood that repels moisture. In the kitchen, this is a great all-purpose cutting board that will last a long time without scratches or nicks. Oak is the best wear-resistant material, it is not afraid of moisture, hard and very dense (that's why oak cutting boards are heavy). The most durable cutting boards are not made from a single piece of wood, as many people think. For the production of real strong wooden boards, Transcarpathian craftsmen dissolve the wood cloth into plots - special narrow strips, where the ratio of width to thickness is about 3 to 2. Then these plots are glued in a certain order, and such a kitchen board turns out to be much stronger than a solid sawn board, it does not warp and does not crack. It affects the wear resistance of the cutting board and the direction of cutting a wooden workpiece - it can be radial and tangential. More durable cutting boards with a radial cut, where the straight lines of the wood are parallel to the plane of the board. For decoration, wooden boards of tangential sawing are more interesting, with an original wavy pattern of a wood sheet.

Why is it profitable to buy cutting boards in bulk at Dom Dekora?

Dom Decora provides delivery of goods in Kiev and Ukraine, accepts various forms of payment. The main thing is that all the goods presented in the catalog are in a warehouse in Kiev and are promptly shipped to customers. Make orders!