The dishes on our table should be not only practical, but also beautiful. And Ukrainian-made porcelain tableware combines these requirements. Cups, dishes, trays look original and unique. On the site you can get acquainted with a wide range of products from a well-known manufacturer in Ukraine.

You can buy sets of dishes both for home and for cafes and restaurants. What is the advantage of porcelain in the kitchen:

  • it is more resistant to mechanical damage than, for example, faience;
  • withstands sudden changes in temperature;
  • thanks to different patterns and drawings, such dishes become table decorations.

Types of porcelain and types of decoration

You can buy Ukrainian-made plates of different types of decoration:

  1. Raised. Drawings on the dishes are applied by means of engraving or perforation. Most often, the drawing is made together with the dishes. And if it has separate elements, then they are glued after the manufacture of the main element - plates, cups.
  2. Colorful. With the help of enamel paint, a pattern is applied to the dishes under the glaze or on top of it.

Porcelain tableware differs not only in patterns, but also in the type of material used to make it. The most popular is hard porcelain. It has a snow-white color and is used for making holiday sets and services. Bone china has an average coefficient of hardness and color whiteness. A soft one is considered the most fragile and has a pleasant creamy hue. Differs in special ease and elegance.

How to care for chinaware

To understand if you are really buying porcelain, its quality can be determined by lightly tapping on the edge. If the ringing is melodic, it means that the dishes are made of high quality raw materials. Also, a high-quality porcelain shard should be translucent. But the service life of plates and cups also depends on how carefully you handle it. So, from what it is necessary to protect porcelain in the kitchen:

  • do not put in the microwave if there are metal ornaments on the dishes;
  • wash only with mild detergents without abrasive particles;
  • dullness on dishes can be removed with tartaric acid.

Porcelain plates to buy in Ukraine are offered to customers by a wholesale warehouse of dishes. Why us? Firstly, it is high-quality tableware that will decorate the festive table and add originality to an ordinary dinner or lunch. Secondly, our tableware warehouse sells goods at manufacturer prices. Therefore, buyers can order all the necessary utensils, completing the whole kitchen service, on one site. Floral ornament or abstraction, golden embossing or glued decorative elements - everyone can choose the option that best suits their kitchen.