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Photo frames

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To decorate the interior, to save memorable moments will help wooden frames, which our company offers to buy in bulk, Dom Decora. Original stylish household items are made by Transcarpathian wood craftsmen. Technologies for the production of wooden photo frames make it possible to preserve the natural beauty of wood as much as possible, emphasize the texture and color with the help of special varnishes, waxes and impregnations. To enhance the color, safe, oil-based tinting varnishes are used. To create an original texture, the wood is “stained”, burned, polished with abrasives of different structures, and painted. The frame itself is made smooth or decorated with fancy carvings, notches, milled patterns. Wooden photo frames, which our company sells wholesale and small wholesale, are made from beech, linden, pear, pine, oak, birch and other types of trees. All of them grow in ecologically clean forests of the Carpathians. We offer to buy wholesale and small wholesale wooden photo frames of the most popular sizes: 10x15 cm, 13x18 cm, 15x20 cm, 18x24 cm, 20x30 cm, 25x35 cm, 30x40 cm and others. Wooden frames for paintings and photographs can be bought in sets, where several frames of different sizes are successfully arranged, perfectly complementing each other in color, style and texture. The set can contain 2-5 wooden photo frames. These sets of wooden photo frames are a great family gift. Photo frames made of wood are sold as a set - that is, the actual frame for framing and a plywood back panel to support the picture. Or you can buy a wooden photo frame without a substrate, if you plan to frame the picture on cardboard or another dense base. Also in our House of Decor you can buy small and large wholesale wooden photo frames with front glass to protect the picture from dust and moisture. Wooden oval and round photo frames are very popular among designers and interior decorators. Our trading company also offers to buy them in bulk. These can be sized sets of 2-5 pieces or individual frames. Wooden photo frames and picture stretchers are a favorite item of interior decoration, which means they are a profitable product for sale. We are waiting for your calls and orders by phone:

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