A huge selection of modern dishes allows you to give preference to any material of manufacture. For many years, dishes made from red clay have been in great demand. Food cooked in such dishes is very tasty and fragrant. Many housewives are attracted by pottery not only for its beautiful appearance. Clay dishes, which you can buy on our website, have a number of advantages and are of excellent quality.

Benefits of clay cookware

Of course, each type of cookware has its advantages. Clay products have the following advantages:

  • Environmental friendliness. Such dishes are made from natural raw materials, which are completely safe for health. Clay is non-toxic, therefore, it does not enter into any reactions with food. It is noteworthy that clay containers are intended not only for cooking, but also for food storage. For example, milk can last for about 2 days. And if you store cereals in a clay pot, insects will never start in them.
  • Temperature regulation. It is red clay products that can regulate the temperature and humidity of products. Food is heated evenly in such dishes. Food is not boiled, but languished. At the same time, all useful properties and vitamins of the product are fully preserved.
  • Temperature retention. This property allows the dish not to cool for a long time. In addition, earthenware is able to maintain a cool temperature for a long time. For example, if you pour compote into a jug, it will remain cold for a long time.
  • Possession of medicinal properties. There is an opinion that red clay has a beneficial effect on the human circulatory system. It removes all toxins from the body. Eating food from such dishes, you can be absolutely calm for your well-being.
  • Versatility. Clay dishes in Ukraine in our time are a great find for those who love to create culinary masterpieces and those who are not particularly inclined to cook various dishes. Those who have a lot of free time can create masterpieces by combining different products in earthenware. Those who do not like to cook can simply fill a clay container and put it in the oven, where a fragrant dish will be prepared.
  • Original appearance. Painted utensils perform not only their basic functions, but also serve as an excellent addition to any style of kitchen.
  • Ease of maintenance. Earthenware is quickly washed in ordinary water. The use of detergents is not recommended.
  • Due to the fact that the clay layer is very thick, the food does not burn.
  • No odors are emitted. This is very good for food. It will never have scale.
  • Wear resistance and impact resistance. Clay red has a high level of resistance to mechanical damage and scratches. Cookware made from this material can last for decades.

Selection of red clay dishes

A wonderful choice for all housewives is clay dishes. Kiev is a city where you will find many crockery shops and shops where you can buy original pottery. Every connoisseur of delicious food will be able to cook first courses, delicate salads, stews and much more in such dishes. Food cooked in earthenware will seem much tastier and more aromatic.

Our site presents a wide range of clay products. You can choose dishes of various shapes and sizes. Ukrainian clay dishes are made exclusively from natural and environmentally friendly raw materials. Original dishes will bring harmony to your home and make a holiday on any table.