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Rocking chairs made of wood

Dom Decora offers its wholesale clients to buy wooden rolling pins, rocking chairs and hammers, which are household items. These and other hardwood products are made by small workshops in the villages of the Transcarpathian region. We buy wooden kitchen utensils directly from manufacturers, so we can offer the best wholesale prices in Ukraine. In a warehouse in Kiev, there is always a huge assortment of wooden rocking chairs for dough and mallets of various shapes and sizes. Here are the best-selling types of rocking chairs, rolling pins and hammers made of wood, which you can buy in bulk at the Decor House.

  • The rocking chair is a large wooden rolling pin - with a total length of 48-50 cm, with a length of the working part of 30 cm, a diameter of 7-9 cm. Wood - linden, oak, cedar. Fine grinding of the working part, without impregnation and varnishing. A heavy rolling pin is great for making large amounts of dough.
  • Medium rocking chair made of wood - total length 45-48 cm, length of the working part 30 cm, diameter 4.5 cm. They are also made of oak, linden or cedar, gently polished to perfect smoothness. Thanks to the universal medium size and ergonomic design, it is suitable for working with any amount of dough.
  • Rocking chair small wooden - great for small amounts of dough due to its compact size. Full length 35-40 cm, working part 20 cm, working part diameter 3.5 cm. Wood - cedar or linden.
  • Wooden dumplings - a rolling pin for rolling out very thin dough for ravioli, khinkali, dumplings. Its feature is one handle, which allows the chef to press directly on the working part of the rolling pin with his free hand, creating more effort. The length of such wooden dumplings is 45-48 cm.

A wooden chop or meat chop is indispensable for cooking steaks and other meat products. Wood - beech, pine, oak. Total length - 30 cm.
Wooden products for the kitchen - rocking chairs, hammers and much more - are functional, durable and environmentally friendly. We offer to buy wholesale wooden kitchen utensils, which are in stable demand, they will become a profitable product for everyone who sells dishes, household goods, gifts and souvenirs. Call and place orders.

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