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Breadbaskets, napkin holders made of wood

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Large and small wholesale in the trading company Dom Decora you can buy wooden bread and napkin holders from Ukrainian masters from the Carpathians, Bukovina and Transcarpathia. These irreplaceable accessories in the kitchen are a popular good value, as we offer the best wholesale prices for bread and napkins made of wood, we are constantly expanding the range. All positions of the catalog are actual, are in a warehouse in Kiev, and our company House of the Decor organizes fast delivery across the capital and Ukraine. You can learn more about how to buy wooden bread boxes, napkin holders, other household goods made of wood and ceramics by calling:

  • 067-353-82-83,
  • 067-407-45-65.

Wholesale prices for bread boxes, napkins and other household goods are listed under the product image. Wooden breadbasket is the best option for storing pastries, muffins and bread. Here they stay fresh for the longest time and retain their aroma. Mold does not appear in a clean and dried wooden breadbasket. Care of a bread box from a tree is required minimum - to remove crumbs with a dry sponge, periodically to wash with a soap solution and to wipe dry. Craftsmen from Transcarpathia use local wood to make wooden bread boxes - oak, beech, ash, linden, birch. The wooden cloth is spread on rails and laths of the necessary size, for some models of wooden bread boxes and napkin holders take an integral array. The parts are fastened together in a special way, glued so that the product is strong and stable. The outer surface of wooden bread boxes and napkins is covered with a special impregnation with beeswax - it significantly extends the service life, but does not harm products and does not cause allergic reactions.

In the House of the Decor at the most favorable wholesale prices it is possible to buy wooden bread-baskets of various forms and the sizes, classic bread-boxes from a tree with a cover. Each housewife decides for herself which wooden breadbaskets are better. We offer the most popular models that can become the decoration of the most stylish modern kitchen. Today, wooden breadbaskets, napkins, baskets and other wooden household items are again at the peak of popularity. Artistic woodworking has long been a common craft in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine. The secrets of mastery are passed down from generation to generation. Ancient traditions combined with the most modern technologies allow to create the most interesting household items and decor. Stylish, functional and high quality.

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