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Loins, wood shredders

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Among a variety of kitchen utensils, the company Dom Decora offers to buy wholesale and small wholesale loin and shredders made of wood. Convenient high-quality devices for cutting are made in the woodworking workshops of Transcarpathia and Bukovina, from where they directly come to our warehouse in Kiev. Favorable low price and functionality, which have long been appreciated by culinary specialists, have made wooden shredders and graters for Korean carrots a popular product on street layouts with household trifles, in dishware, home goods and souvenir shops. We offer to buy wholesale wooden shredders of the most convenient shapes and sizes:

  • this is a shredder for vegetables and french fries;
  • combi shredder made of wood with two knives - for Korean carrots and cutting other products;
  • a loin shredder, in which knives are designed for slicing vegetables for salads from Korean cuisine, it is also called a Korean grater.

The advantages of a wood shredder are obvious - environmental friendliness, strength, lightness, ease of use, ergonomics. Wooden shredders for vegetables and Korean carrots are made from light light woods - birch, alder, linden. Such a tree weakly absorbs moisture, after processing it gives an even canvas without burrs. For additional moisture resistance, the working surface of the shredders is impregnated with a special food varnish based on beeswax or oil. It is convenient and safe to work on such a wooden shredder or loin - vegetables glide over the surface, and hands are protected from splinters. The cutting blade of a wooden shredder or loin is made of heavy-duty tool steel, specially designed for frequent mechanical stress. Our trading company Dom Decora offers its customers the best wholesale prices in Ukraine for wooden shredders and graters for Korean carrots. We cooperate directly with woodworking workshops of the Transcarpathian region, constantly expanding the list of our suppliers, we are the first to purchase all new models of wooden shredders and other kitchen utensils made of wood. Our phone managers will help you choose the optimal range of wooden shredders and loins for a retail outlet

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