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A new boom in popularity is experienced by ceramic dishes as one of the most environmentally friendly and functional. In Ukraine, pottery is traditionally developed in many regions due to its own clay deposits, and today Slavic ceramics are widely known, they are produced in the Donbass. Among the various souvenirs and kitchen utensils, it is worth highlighting the ceramic jugs presented in this section of the catalog. We offer wholesale jugs separately or in sets with cups. Products are made in small author's batches, manually decorated with three-dimensional molding, painting or firing pattern (decal). At the same time, the prices are the best on the market. In our warehouse in Kiev, you can order and buy jugs and sets of the following types:

  • Ceramic jugs with a wide mouth for milk or compote with a capacity of 0.7 to 2 liters with a bas-relief decorative image and glazed with chocolate-brown vitreous glaze. Inexpensive and practical.
  • Glazed ceramic jugs on the inside, with an outer surface decorated to look like fireclay light brown clay, with a three-dimensional image, painted with colored acrylics or firing paints. Bright and attractive.
  • Simple in form, inexpensive practical jugs in white or brown with a colored decal pattern. Compositions of fruits or flowers, floral or geometric ornaments will fit perfectly into the interior. Irreplaceable utensils in any kitchen.
  • Original jugs and sets in the shape of corn, Ukrainian hut or cow — colored, hand-painted or decorated with voluminous stucco elements. Great souvenir from Ukraine.
  • Jugs and sets for wine with a narrow neck, drawings or three-dimensional images of the vine. The best vessel for storing wine.

An excellent product offer for shops of tableware, gifts, interior decor, as well as souvenir outlets selling Ukrainian ceramics will be sets - a jug and 2 cups or a jug and 4 cups. The dishes are packed in shrink film, so they are easy to put on the counter, store and transport. Domestic Slavic ceramics deservedly won the love of buyers with an affordable price, interesting designs, and the use of natural materials. A large assortment of jugs and other ceramic utensils is a sought-after and profitable product that can be bought in bulk in our trading house. Call!