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Wooden spatulas, forks, spoons

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The trading company Dom Dekora offers to buy wholesale and small wholesale wooden shovels, forks, spoons from the Transcarpathian masters. Products are in a warehouse in Kiev, and can be promptly delivered to any point of Ukraine. The catalog presents a huge selection of such functional kitchen accessories as wooden spoons, spatulas and forks. Spoon craft is allocated in a separate direction in woodworking in Western Ukraine. For production use firm breeds of a tree - a beech, an oak, a birch. Carved wooden spoons and spatulas are impregnated with a special oil that clogs the wood fibers, prevents moisture from getting inside and spoils the product. Each wooden spoon, fork or spatula according to its purpose is given the necessary form, sharpened. Wooden spoons and shovels are indispensable in the household and in the most modern kitchen can perform many tasks. We offer to buy wholesale wooden spoons, shovels and forks of such types.

  • Spatulas for baking, which will allow you to easily get out of a hot oven cooked pie or pizza. The long handle and the specially sharpened edge will help not to be burnt and not to damage a dish.
  • Wooden spatulas for frying are ideal for frying pans, skillets, fryers with Teflon and ceramic coating. The wood does not spoil a working layer of such ware, does not leave scratches. Always available in stock wooden spatula thin, curly, oblique, spatula with a slot (for sauces).
  • Wooden spoons of different sizes and shapes can also be bought wholesale and small wholesale in the House of Decor. This is a medium spoon, a teaspoon, an iron spoon with a wooden handle for cooking.
  • Wooden forks from beech and oak can be bought separately or in a set of wooden kitchen utensils, which include: medium spoon, frying spatula and fork.

Inexpensive kitchen utensils from a tree which we offer to buy wholesale and small wholesale, remain invariably a popular gift from Ukraine, a necessary thing in each household. Demand for wooden spoons and spatulas remains consistently high, so we are constantly expanding the range of these products, keep a sufficient stock of products in stock and will always be able to ship the right batch to our wholesale customers. Call managers by phone:

  • 067-353-82-83
  • 067-407-45-65