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The wholesale trading company Dom Decora offers its customers wooden massagers and combs made in the woodworking workshops of the Carpathians and Transcarpathia. All products presented in the catalog are in our warehouse in Kiev, wholesale prices for wooden massagers and combs are valid.

The most popular are such products From massagers:

  • Wooden massage iron;
  • Round wooden massager;
  • Wooden foot massager;
  • Roller massager;
  • Wooden massage chair.

From wooden combs:

  • Wooden comb-brush massage;
  • Single-row wooden comb;
  • Wooden comb with wide teeth;
  • Wooden comb with frequent teeth;

We offer to buy wholesale and small wholesale wooden combs made of birch, linden, beech and other soft woods. Wood is not covered with varnish, paint and impregnation. Experts note the beneficial effect of wooden combs on the condition of the hair and scalp. They are ideal for normal daily use - the wooden comb does not accumulate static electricity, and the teeth are ground at the right angle to gently massage the skin. Hair from daily contact with the tree becomes smooth, silky, obedient, with other proper care, dandruff and split ends disappear. Wooden combs, which can be bought in bulk in our House of Decor, are convenient to use for applying masks. The tree does not enter into a chemical reaction with the components. A wooden comb is a must have in the arsenal of any girl who cares about her hair. This is a useful gift and a nice souvenir from Ukraine. We offer all interested customers to wholesale a wide range of wooden combs and replenish their store with inexpensive and popular goods.

We also offer to buy wholesale and small wholesale wooden massagers from Transcarpathia - versatile and effective. Simple devices for massage and self-massage are made from environmentally friendly woods - beech, linden, birch, poplar. Wooden massagers are suitable for any part of the body. One and the same model, for example, a wooden massager Iron, can be usefully used for the back, arms, legs, and joints. Wooden foot massagers, which can also be bought from us in bulk and small wholesale, are distinguished by high efficiency. Since there are reflex zones on the soles of the feet that are associated with all internal organs, by acting on certain points on the legs, it is possible to activate the protective functions of the desired department of the body. You can use the wooden foot massager yourself, it is convenient and safe. For more information on the wholesale purchase of wooden massagers and combs, please call: 067-353-82-83; 067-407-45-65. Call!

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