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Wooden Spice Sets

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Dom Decora offers wooden spice sets made in Transcarpathia and Bukovina to wholesale and small wholesale buyers. The original varied design and natural material make these sets very popular. Wooden spice sets are in steady demand throughout the year. We have a wide range of products in stock at our warehouse. These are wooden salt shakers with a lid and without a round lid, mortars for poppy seeds, mortars with a pestle, pepper shakers, spices in the form of mushrooms. We also offer to buy sets for spices made of wood from two pieces on a stand. The stand for salt and pepper shakers is carved from wood, decorated with carvings or burning. Wooden salt shakers, pepper shakers, mortars and sets for spices, which you can buy in bulk at our Decor House, are carved by Transcarpathian craftsmen from local woods. Oak and beech wood belongs to the class of hard wear-resistant, difficult to process. Beech fiber is hygroscopic, it easily absorbs moisture, so the spices in such containers will always be dry and without foreign odors. The outer surface of spice containers is polished and sanded to smoothness, sometimes treated with a special impregnation based on beeswax - it is hypoallergenic and safe for health. The minimalistic design of wooden spice containers attracts professional decorators and hand-made lovers. Our sets of salt and pepper shakers are sold in art supply stores. The blanks are ideal for decoupage, painting with acrylic and oil paints, decorating with leather cord, wooden beads, beads, glass beads. Wooden spice sets, salt and pepper shakers are practical kitchen items. They do not require special care, strong and durable. Wooden spices are not recommended to be washed in a dishwasher, placed near an open fire - that's all the rules for use. As it gets dirty, wooden salt shakers should be cleaned with a soapy water solution and wiped dry. Decora House invites all interested customers to buy wholesale and small wholesale wooden spice sets, salt shakers, pepper shakers and other goods made of wood by Transcarpathian masters from a warehouse in Kiev with delivery throughout Ukraine. The prices are the lowest, the choice is huge. call

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