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Crockery, without which it is impossible to imagine any kitchen, is a variety of ceramic plates, our trading company offers to buy them in bulk. Products are made from white porcelain clay, a natural material, decorated, dried and fired in ovens at temperatures up to 1240°C. The plates are durable, dense at the break of the shard, they can be washed in the dishwasher, put in the microwave. The dishes will last a long time and will not lose their attractive appearance. You can buy wholesale high-quality Ukrainian dishes and ceramics from us, which are produced in Slavyansk, a small town in the Donetsk region. For more than 70 years, several large factories for the production of clay products have been operating here, then transformed into many small industries and workshops, where excellent ceramic plates, kise, salad bowls and bowls are made by pressing and molding.

Our catalog contains such types of ceramic dishes.

  • Plates for first, second courses and desserts with a diameter of 120 to 300 mm.
  • Salad bowls from 250 ml to 1 liter.
  • Bowls with a volume of 250–400 ml.
  • Kise (more voluminous type of bowl) - from 400 to 600 ml.

All ceramic dishes for the kitchen are available in several colors, so they will perfectly fit into any interior design, become its decoration.

  • White plates, salad bowls and bowls with a printed decal, hand-drawn ornament and colored or gilded lining on the inner edge. Manually on a rotating turnet-stand, painters apply a drawing to each bowl or kisa. You can buy wholesale plates with popular patterns "Cage", "Scotch", "Leaf" and others.
  • Brown traditional Ukrainian ceramic plates and salad bowls - such dishes have become the hallmark of our country due to the special durable glaze of a pleasant chocolate color that covers the products. The upper edge of salad bowls is decorated with a special frit glaze, which gives rise to a white wide border resembling lace or abstract patterns.
  • Colored plates, bowls and salad bowls. They are covered with vitreous glazes with yellow, blue, dark blue, malachite green, and red pigments. Products come out bright and elegant. On top of the colored glaze, geometric or floral ornaments are also applied manually. Two-color glazing is very popular - yellow-blue, yellow-red and others.
  • Ceramic bowls, kise, salad bowls and plates with malachite decor. An unusual way of applying glaze, creating the effect of mixing and transition of colors, as in the famous precious mineral - the trademark of Slavic ceramics. Such dishes enjoy consistently high popularity among our wholesale customers.

For those who plan to buy plates in bulk in Ukraine, it is most profitable to do this in our Trading House - the prices are the lowest on the market, the assortment is huge, delivery is available in Kiev and the regions.