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Beer glasses

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Our trading company offers to wholesale Ukrainian-made ceramic glasses with a capacity of 0.25 to 1 liter at competitive prices. The catalog contains products from Slavic ceramics - in a small town in the Donbass, pottery and small-scale production of dishes and souvenirs are developed. We have entered into direct cooperation agreements with most of the manufacturers. Therefore, we offer our wholesale customers low competitive prices for interesting and in-demand goods. For beer glasses made of Slavic Ukrainian ceramics, the demand traditionally increases sharply in spring and summer. Numerous cafes are actively preparing for the “foamy drink” season, buying sets of dishes, and souvenir shops. All year round, beer mugs are actively sold by gift, tableware and household goods stores. Beer glasses are the best gift for men. Ceramic beer mugs at an affordable price attract with a variety of designs - there is sure to be one that will appeal to the most capricious buyer.

  • Ceramic beer glasses play on the theme of love for beer in an original and often funny way. Pens in the form of huge crayfish or crabs, cool signatures like “Better belly from beer than hump from work” will create a relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen or in the restaurant hall.
  • Beer mugs made of ceramics in the national style are decorated with stucco figurines of Cossacks, entire plots on the Ukrainian theme with huts under a thatched roof, mallows, images of animals and birds. There are often bas-reliefs of historical sights of our country - famous fortresses and castles on glasses. Such a beer glass is indispensable in creating an ethnic interior and will become a wonderful souvenir from Ukraine.
  • It is difficult to imagine a vacation at sea without a mug of cold beer. Steering wheels, anchors, images of sailboats and pirates, wishes for an excellent resort holiday - the popular marine series of ceramic beer glasses is in our catalog.

Beer mugs made of Slavic ceramics are made according to traditional porcelain manufacturing and firing technologies. They are durable, easy to clean, do not lose their attractive appearance and serve for a long time even with the most active use. We can profitably buy wholesale and small wholesale ceramic beer glasses, other dishes and clay souvenirs. The prices are affordable, in the warehouse in Kiev there is always a large and varied range of goods. Self-delivery, delivery in Kiev, sending by transport agencies or passing loading to the regions.