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Ceramic ashtrays remain one of the most popular gifts for men and an interesting little souvenir that is nice to bring back from Ukraine. Our Trading House offers to buy wholesale and small wholesale ceramic ashtrays from Ukrainian Slavic ceramics - at competitive prices and in a wide range. A stylish ceramic ashtray is a highlight in the interior and a useful thing in any room. In addition to being used for its intended purpose, various little things are often stored in ashtrays. Flash drives, memory cards, paper clips will always be at hand if there is an ashtray made of Ukrainian Slavic ceramics on the desktop. Masters approached the problem of smoking with humor, so such a necessary item will make most users smile. Ashtray-tin can, ashtray-boot, ashtray-car wheel, finally, ashtray-car - you can collect a whole collection. Bestseller - golden toilet ashtray. We offer to buy wholesale and small wholesale these and other souvenirs from Slavic ceramics, made using various technologies.

  • Damask ashtrays with a special gold or chrome coating look spectacular - it is absolutely safe, does not wash off, and does not darken for a long time when used.
  • Ceramic ashtrays with figures of people or animals sculpted by hand. Stylized cartoon characters sit inside, holding a bottle of beer or a bag of money, fishing. In summer, nautical themes and everything related to recreation are very popular among buyers.
  • Dark brown ashtrays made of Slavic ceramics in the form of an open palm or a skull, a toilet bowl or a tin can. They are covered with a vitreous high-temperature waterproof glaze. Inexpensive, practical and unpretentious in care.
  • Ashtrays with figurines-symbols of the coming year. Such pleasant small souvenirs are in great demand before the holiday - they are bought in bulk to congratulate colleagues and acquaintances.

Our trading company directly cooperates with manufacturers of Slavic dishes and souvenirs, so we have the opportunity to:
constantly expand the range of products,

  • keep competitive wholesale prices,
  • to be the first to supply the most interesting novelties to the wholesale market,
  • constantly keep a large stock of demanded, well-selling goods in a warehouse in Kiev.

There is a fast delivery across Ukraine. Therefore, our wholesale customers in all regions of the country sell Slavic Ukrainian ceramics without interruption and profitably. Join now!