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Wooden accessories

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The Dom Decora company offers to buy large and small wholesale wooden kitchen utensils, dishes, household items and wooden souvenirs directly from the masters of Transcarpathia, Bukovina and the Carpathians. The richest unique forests of the region have served as the reason that woodworking is a traditionally developed craft here.

Why is it worth buying in bulk at the Decor House? Because we cooperate directly with small woodworking workshops, family artels and talented craftsmen for decorating and woodworking. We were able to collect a huge amount of various wooden utensils, kitchen utensils and household goods in a warehouse in Kiev. Now you do not need to waste time and effort on the selection of running assortment. This can be done by our managers if you call:

  • 067-353-82-83,
  • 067-407-45-65

and make an order, or through the Basket function on the site.

We are the first to purchase all the novelties of Transcarpathian masters and can offer them to our customers. Our wholesale prices for wooden utensils are the lowest in Ukraine, and the range is constantly increasing. House Decora organizes the delivery of orders in Kiev and anywhere in Ukraine.

In the Miscellaneous section of our catalog, we offer to wholesale such wooden kitchen items.

  • Hot pads. Type-setting wooden coasters of various shapes are made from processed small blanks of oak, cedar, and pine. Special impregnation allows to preserve the unique aroma of wood, which intensifies when the stand is heated.
  • Corkscrews. Corkscrew with wooden handle, round corkscrew, T-shaped corkscrew. The handles in these products are carved from linden, and the metal working part is made from high-strength tool steel.
  • Wooden pushers for potatoes. The working part of the oval pusher, snake pusher, twisted pusher and pusher with a square hole is made of tool steel - light and durable, and the wooden handle is machined from linden, alder or apple tree.
  • Beaters for whipping. Wooden whisks of various shapes will help turn cream and egg whites into lush foam. This is a spring whisk, a wooden whisk cone, a round wooden whisk.
  • Knives. The wooden handle is the most convenient on housekeeper knives, vegetable peelers and can openers.

Wooden utensils and kitchen utensils fully reflect the unique flavor of Western Ukraine. Therefore, our wood products are a great gift and a favorite thing in every home. And, therefore, a profitable, well-selling product. Call to find out the terms of cooperation.