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Finding useful and original gifts today is becoming more and more difficult. Our Decor House offers to buy wholesale wine sets and bottles made of Slavic ceramics. On the pages of the catalog, you can choose from a diverse range of items you like, and then order this type of product with delivery in Kiev and Ukraine. Thanks to their wide range of topics, high quality workmanship and competitive purchase price, gift wine sets will become an advantageous commodity item in tableware and household goods stores, and souvenir departments. Shtoffs are easy to store and display on the shelves, and for customers to carry over long distances due to the fact that the products are securely packed in shrink film. We can buy wholesale and small wholesale ceramic shtofs and sets of the following types:

  • Ukrainian. Made of ceramic mass, covered with white or chocolate-brown glaze. The surface of the bottle and glasses is decorated with hand-made three-dimensional molding in ethnic style - Ukrainian huts, bunches of grapes, ears of wheat, sunflowers and mallows. The decor can be flat painted with scratches on wet clay or made with colored firing paints. Often the damask itself is made in the form of a house under a thatched roof.
  • Shtofs depicting representatives of different professions or nationalities. A ceramic bottle in the form of a doctor with a thermometer or a traffic cop, presented for a professional holiday, will undoubtedly delight. Sailors, vacationers on the beach, miners and taxi drivers - the choice is huge. The figure of a Cossack in trousers or a ferocious mountaineer in a hat will be an excellent souvenir for tourists.
  • Weapon. From a grenade to a cannon, from a bullet to a dagger - the entire arsenal of ceramic wine sets is in our catalog.
  • Ceramic flasks and wine jugs with funny wishes and inscriptions will cause laughter and fun at the table.
  • Barrels for wine. Ceramic 3-liter wine barrels with a working tap on a stylized cart with wooden wheels are the best container for a large company.

All gift wine sets are made according to the classical technology of ceramic production, they undergo high-temperature (up to 1240 ° C) firing. Therefore, they can be used for their intended purpose - to store wine and other alcoholic beverages. We cooperate directly with many workshops and small workshops, constantly supplement and update the assortment, and offer our wholesale customers the best prices and always a large interesting selection of goods.