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Souvenirs Amulets

Among the various souvenirs from the Carpathians, amulets are rightfully considered one of the most popular. You can buy wholesale and small wholesale Carpathian amulets in Kiev in our Decor House. The company organizes the delivery of all its goods in Ukraine. Amulets from Western Ukraine are a wonderful authentic souvenir that guests of our country seek to buy as a keepsake. Therefore, we at the Decor House work closely with a large number of souvenir shops and salons. We offer to buy wholesale and small wholesale original Carpathian amulets from the best masters of the region. Each product is original, unique in its own way and causes a kind smile. Dom Decora offers to buy wholesale Transcarpathian amulets in the form of house-dolls of different heights, hanging compositions and in the form of fridge magnets. Each amulet is packed, a description is enclosed inside - what it means, what it will protect from, what it will attract to the house. In Transcarpathia, the manufacture of amulets is a long tradition and craft, the secrets of which are carefully kept and passed on from craftswoman to craftswoman. Not just the whole composition, but even each of its small details carry their own important magical meaning. The protective power of the amulet is great, and in the Hutsul region itself, in the Carpathians, amulets are taken with all seriousness. Buying a Carpathian amulet means protecting your home and your loved ones from troubles. Amulets in the form of brownies in the form of dolls or magnets are made very different. Here is Domovoy himself, the invisible owner of the house, who guards the acquired property, preserves peace, prosperity and order in the family. Round like a bun, a brownie is a symbol of fun and new acquaintances; it is customary to expect good news from him. Domovitsa-busker is the patroness of women's work, cooking and needlework, the protector of women's health and the protector of young children. A sweet couple of brownies-amulets, which you can also buy from us, is a symbol of eternal love and marital happiness, they protect strong family relationships. Vegetables and fruits in amulets attract health to the house, remove negative energy. Flowers, and especially sunflowers, protect from the evil eye and damage, radiate benevolent energy and warmth. Banknotes or money bags attract good luck in business, prosperity and wealth to the house, provide profit in every business. The broom will protect from the evil eye and evil spirits. A bag of cereal symbolizes a generous harvest and full bins of supplies for the winter. Amulets from Transcarpathia, which can be bought cheaply in bulk in our trading company, are a popular souvenir from Ukraine and a stylish decoration for any home. This means that it is a well-selling profitable product. We are waiting for your orders!

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