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Spice Sets

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The amazing color of Ukrainian ceramics is best conveyed by spice kits. Bags, barrels, figurines of Cossacks and animals will make the serving of any table original and memorable. Such salt shakers, pepper shakers, saucepans and sugar bowls are practical and durable, easy to use and perfectly washable. On pages of the catalog it is possible to choose and buy from us wholesale sets for spices from the Slavic Ukrainian ceramics made in Donbass. We work directly with local manufacturers, so we can offer our wholesale customers the best prices and a wide range of products in stock in Kiev. All sets for spices from two or three subjects are packed in a heat-shrinkable film - it is convenient to transport and sell them. The set includes original ceramic containers for salt and sugar, vinegar, pepper, other dry spices, mustard, sauces, holders for napkins and toothpicks. Many items for serving in the national Ukrainian style are made and are perfect for creating ethnic colorful interiors and themed table decoration. Ceramic sets for salt, pepper and other spices are made of porcelain white clay, painted with special firing pigments and dyes and covered with waterproof glaze. The color scheme is natural - from yellowish ivory to terracotta-red. Inside, all spice containers are covered with chocolate brown or white glaze - such a smooth surface is easy to care for. There are two main groups in terms of topics

  • Ceramic sets for salt, pepper, sugar and other spices in the form of bags and barrels. Bags and sacks of different sizes, barrels with lids and without lids. Volume of any - from 30 to 500 ml. And there are no equals in the design of the imagination of Slavic master potters. Imitation burlap, mats, wooden barrels with rivets and rims - everything is there. Craftsmen often add decorative details from other materials - a wooden stand for salt and pepper, copper rims on a barrel for honey.
  • Ceramic sets for spices in the form of figures of people or animals. The most popular topic is the Cossacks. Salt pans, pepper shakers and saucepans in the Ukrainian style are well sold in souvenir tents and shops for tourists. Figures of animal symbols of the year are bought for the holidays for themselves and their friends.

Ukrainian ceramics is known all over the world for its original design and original forms of products. Our trading company as one of the largest suppliers of Slavic Ukrainian ceramics provides its customers with a constantly changing range of goods, its consistently high quality and low wholesale prices.