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Our trading company offers to wholesale tureens, pots, sausages and large baking pots made of Ukrainian ceramics. Such products are now on the crest of popularity because of their environmental friendliness, high consumer qualities and interesting design. The catalog presents products of Slavic masters from a small town in the Donbass, where there are clay deposits and ceramic production is traditionally developed. Tureens, baking pots and pans are produced here in small batches, the assortment is constantly changing and new design options are being developed. Heat-resistant ceramic pots are made from 1 liter to 5 liters. Ceramic pots and tureens, which you can buy in bulk from us, have a number of advantages that are unique to clay products.
original form. A tureen in the form of a large pumpkin, sturgeon, pig or chicken cannot be made of metal. Clay has a special plasticity, and the traditional technology of processing and firing allows you to realize the most interesting ideas of the master. Such soup bowls, in addition to preparing delicious dishes, will become a real decoration in any kitchen and a highlight of the table setting.
The ability to preserve the aroma and rich taste of products during cooking. Inside the clay tureen, when heated, a special temperature regime is formed - the walls of the dishes slowly and evenly warm up and give off heat to the dish being prepared. The food is "languishing" like in an oven. Vegetables retain their color, porridge turns crumbly, meat is soft and juicy.
Cooked food stays fresh longer. Food in ceramic pans is better stored, mold does not form. Due to their size and shape, ceramic tureens are convenient to place in the refrigerator.
You can use a ceramic tureen or pot in a gas stove oven, microwave or convection oven. Clay dishes will serve for a long time if they are not placed on an open fire of a gas burner, but heated evenly. This is the only difference between ceramic pots and conventional ones. It is easy to care for such dishes - you can wash them in the dishwasher, use abrasive products for cleaning. Our trading company directly cooperates with numerous small and medium-sized ceramic industries. Thanks to this, we offer our customers the best wholesale prices for ceramic dishes and souvenirs that have developed on the market. All Ukrainian ceramics is in stock in Kiev, from where it can be quickly delivered to any corner of our country.

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