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Coffee cannot be called the national drink of Ukraine, but the best Turks are Turks made from Ukrainian ceramics. More precisely - from valuable white porcelain clay. Its deposits are developed in the Donbass, and the dishes are made in Slavyansk, a well-known center for souvenir and ceramic production.

Our trading company offers to wholesale Turks for coffee from Slavic ceramics and sets of Turks with cups, packed in shrink film. The main advantage of clay Turks is a completely natural material and its processing technology. Ceramic mass for production does not contain any chemical dyes and components - only natural components. These are kaolinite (white clay), oxides of silicon, iron, aluminum, feldspar, chalk and water. The future coffee pot is molded from a soft clay mass by hand or on a machine, then it goes through a long step-by-step drying process. The first low-temperature (700–800 °C) firing removes moisture from the crock, and the subsequent high-temperature firing up to 1240 °C finally bakes the clay and gives it high mechanical strength and water resistance. Decorating with glazed brown or white transparent glazes gives the product an aesthetic appearance and improves the consumer characteristics of the Turk.

We offer to buy ceramic Turks in bulk, which can be used in the household - put on an electric stove, in a microwave or convection oven, heated on a gas burner through a flame divider. It is important to ensure that the heating is uniform and gradual, in this case the coffee vessel will last a long time. Low wholesale prices make ceramic Turks a profitable and sought-after item in kitchenware, gift and souvenir shops. Separately, it is worth highlighting ceramic Turks and sets with a thematic bas-relief pattern or hand-molded in the Ukrainian style. Such products will be an excellent gift from Ukraine and a souvenir for tourists. The inner surface of these Turks is covered with vitreous brown or colored glaze, and the outer surface is of a pleasant reddish-brown, light brown or gray color, small details of the composition are finished with acrylic or fired paints. If you buy such a clay pot or a set, the dishes will become a real decoration of the kitchen, and you can also brew coffee in it.

All Turks, sets and other various Ukrainian ceramics are in stock in Kiev, you can buy them in bulk quickly and easily. There is a delivery in the capital and Ukraine, the assortment is constantly updated, and the prices remain consistently attractive. Therefore, it is profitable to trade our ceramic dishes and souvenirs.