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Floor vases

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There is an effective way to add sophistication and style to any interior - it is to choose the right ceramic floor vase. The amazing property of clay to organically fit into any design - from the ultra-modern to the classics - is fully used by craftsmen and artists from Slovyansk in their work. Due to the fact that the region has its own deposits of white china clay, red clay and coarse-grained chamotte, floor vases are radically different in texture. Add here constantly improving production technologies, almost completely hand-painted decoration and painting - we can safely say that each product is unique.

Our trading House Decora offers to wholesale Slavic floor vases made in a wide variety of techniques:

  • According to the classical technology of porcelain production - graceful covered with colored vitreous glaze with a printed image or ornament (decal), mottled with gold.
  • Large vases covered with "malachite" colored glaze. The effect of the transition of colors, imitating the famous stone, is achieved by a unique technology of applying and mixing pigments.
  • Ceramic floor vases for flowers, decorated with voluminous stucco elements, hand-painted with fire or acrylic paints, textiles, rhinestones and beads.
  • Large floor vases made of matte (unglazed) china clay, hand-drawn, color tinted, decorated with textiles, satin, leather and cords.
  • Amazing openwork interior vases. The carved ornament is made by the artist on wet clay, and after firing, he paints it with paints.
  • Made of coarse-grained unpainted chamotte clay decorated with cords, beads and leather.

Each vase is fired at temperatures from 1100° C to 1340° C, the clay acquires strength and water resistance. Harmful additives and components are not used in production. Therefore, such an element of decor will be absolutely safe, environmentally friendly and functional. Dom Decora offers the best wholesale prices for ceramic floor vases and fast delivery across Kiev and Ukraine. We were able to do this thanks to direct cooperation with manufacturers. And our customers have the opportunity to constantly update and expand the range of their products, make a profitable trade margin and offer their retail customers original beautiful floor vases.